The inspiration for today’s post is the discussion that took place after a familiar recruiter came back from one conference on HR issues, including the hottest, that is: “Recruitment process design – from vacancy to talent”.

Well, yes – those who have touched the market of acquiring candidates at least know that it is often harder work than a miner “at the front”. It is a challenge to know who we are looking for, how to find, how to recruit and keep someone at the company.

About reality:

There is a growing scarcity of specialists and managers, qualified and experienced people. There is a shortage of production workers and even a mass influx of workers from Ukraine does not solve all the problems. Nice hole to fill, so I’m not surprised that all the speeches and panels at conferences like “How to find the right candidate?” attract people who every day double and triple in thinking, which could be the source of acquiring Candidates, where and how to post information about recruitment and how to activate those who are not looking for a job, because they are good with it.

I will myself stand in front of a certain audience, which will ask me exactly about these issues. I already know what dilemmas they will come up with and what answers they will look for during their classes with me. How instructive was the story of the recruiter’s friend about the mentioned performance and its merit. I learned how to bore people to death by telling them banalities from years ago that no longer work. The challenge for me will be to verify my knowledge of current trends about what the market is proposing in the area of sources of recruitment, before I stand in front of the audience. Translated with

Nowadays, it is not possible to tell specialists and people working in recruitment that they should recruit on Facebook and create a profile there, because they have done it a long time ago (some less and others more efficiently, because for some FB is a very effective source of recruitment, while for others it is doubtful). We cannot say that advertisements are nice source of recruitment and we cannot “throw a banality” when someone asks “And if an advertisement has too much content?” and answer is “So shorten it!”.

These are not trends in recruitment and solutions that participants come for. Today, we cannot face people who are looking for solutions and answers to the question “What else can we do, introduce?” and tell how we recruited a few years ago and why it worked at that time. Yes – I also remember studying advertisements every Monday, but it was when the supply of people was greater than the demand for work and all sorts of competitions of offers (or beauty contests) took place in every company. This is just a curiosity or past experience.

What am I gonna do next month? I don’t know yet, but I wonder: “What can I do?”.

I can benefit from my own and others’ experience or case studies from different companies. I can finally give space to the participants, asking them what works for them, because I do not claim to know how to find the missing hundreds of people. I can share my observations from the conducted recruitment, because I know the opinion of Candidates and Clients. I can finally share my “the best of practices” with the assumption that it worked for me, but whether it will work for the participant – I don’t know.

I can give the participants some “causal power” from coaching and start with this: “Imagine that nothing limits you in your search for new people to work. What will you do first?” Maybe then something creative will be born that will be a trend? I don’t know, maybe I’ll check.

I can also, using the Action Learning method, actively solve the problems of individual brave and ready to go on stage.

And to be honest, I am angry with the Ms. Expert that she was unprepared for her speech, and with the delicate suggestion to talk about how to do it differently, she made her presentation. I am angry because for quite a bit of money people get mediocrity and at best frustration is born that everything has already happened, or that I do everything that Ms. Expert said, and it still does not work….