Talent Hunters

What sets us apart in the market

We support your business by selecting the most suitable people to succeed with!

Individual approach to the customer – in-depth analysis of your business, solutions suitable to the needs of the company

Knowledge and experience – qualified team
of Headhunters/Advisors

Modern recruitment methods – focus on the quality of the process and the employer branding

Extensive portfolio of recruitment
and HR consulting services

We will find a manager or specialist for your company

We specialize in recruiting for middle and senior management, engineering and specialized roles in the following areas:


Production / Operation


Lean Management


Supply Chain


B2B Sales and Marketing

HR and Administration

Finance and Controlling

Our ways to reach
the most suitable Candidates


We possess an extensive network of contacts with people from various industries, which allows us to obtain information on proven Candidates and company situations on an ongoing basis.

Direct search

We use the latest methods and tools for reaching candidates directly. Thanks to them, we are able to recommend precisely selected Candidates for a given position.


We use classic headhunting, which means that we discreetly reach out to candidates who hold specific roles and match the client’s expectations.

Candidate Database

Our candidate base is being constantly updated and developed, especially within our areas of specialization.

How do we work?

Analysis of Client needs and precisely defined Candidate profile


We discuss:

  • the scope of the job description,
  • key challenges, 
  • structure, 
  • the skills that are essential for the position and those that are desirable,
  • we create a profile of the competencies needed for the position and the fit for the company, team and position.

On this basis, we create a profile of the candidate.

Candidate search and selection


We pick the most suitable channels to reach candidates. We build a communication strategy, taking special care of the employer brand and the value proposition for the candidate. Based on resumes and phone interviews, we carry out the first selection of candidates.

Recruitment interviews using the SMART method


During the interview, we conduct a competency interview. We examine the candidate’s fit to the company in three domains.

Recommendations / Reports


We prepare a report for the Client based on the interview. We recommend matched Candidates. In 40% of our recruitment processes, the Client made the hiring decision after the meeting with the first Candidate.

Customer's choice and decision


The steps of recruitment directly at the Client’s site depend on internal recruitment procedures. Usually there are 1 – 3 individual or group meetings.



What our Clients gain by working with us:

  • Candidates who are a good fit for the company, its corporate culture and team
  • Time. They are only involved at the beginning and final stages of the process
  • Partners who have the experience and perspective of managers, entrepreneurs, board members, and business practitioners
  • Knowledge of the current job market, modern methods and challenges faced by employers.

At client’s request, as a complement to the recruitment process, we conduct psychometric tests of candidates:


A professional, effective and innovative tool for diagnosing a person’s potential, strengths, professional predispositions and preferences for the work they do, their values and interpersonal skills.

Extended DISC ©

The Extended DISC Individual Analysis provides information about the respondent’s preferred ways of behaving, so-called behavioral styles, which allows them to better understand the ways of their own actions and make better decisions. Respondents receive information about their talents and development areas.


A psychometric test to measure leadership. The test helps managers to learn about their leadership style, their strengths, and weaknesses, which determine the effectiveness of working with teams, and then very precisely plan actions that will improve the effectiveness of management.

Assessment Center

Session, allowing multidimensional assessment of Candidates’ competencies. We use both individual (e.g. case study, in-basket) and group tasks (e.g. discussions, presentations, simulations, tasks requiring cooperation and leader emergence). We design and implement Assessment Center sessions.

We recruit using the SMART method

We verify competence,

We examine motivation,

We check fit,

We verify references.