Be SMART – Find the best
specialist with us

We will find the right Candidate for you!

We are a boutique recruitment office. We use a wide range of methods of obtaining Candidates and we have an individual approach to selecting specialists and managers that your company needs. We focus on the qualitative adjustment of the Candidate to the presented expectations.

When will you need our service?


when other standard methods of obtaining a suitable employee fail,


when you care about hidden recruitment,


when you need support to reach passive Candidates.

We are aware of the fact that acquiring an employee for the highest and specialist positions is not an easy task,
and sometimes too time-consuming and expensive. That’s when you need us!

How we work?

We thoroughly study your company in order to know which Candidate will be right for you. We approach each case individually, because each employer needs a different specialist or manager.

During the recruitment process, we verify the candidate’s important aspects – whether it is suitably qualified, fit for the workplace, and whether it has sufficient incentive to grow in your organisation.

You can be sure that we will find the right Candidate for you!

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