In the work of the recruitment office, when we prepare questions for the interview, we reflect on those that somehow surprise or may surprise the Candidate. It is not about those that prevent the Candidate from swimming on the surface, or those that will allow us to give the answer that the recruiter wants to hear, we have eliminated them from our work from the very beginning. We use a certain method of work – we stick to it, and even recently, we do our PhD … Well, we’re just working SMART. I mean those questions that allow Candidates to pause for a moment, look at themselves, their careers, what kind of person they are and what role they play in the organization. These questions give us the opportunity to collect more information than the obvious answer because imagine a recruitment interview in which the question is today: Who is your greatest business authority and why? What does this man have, what would you like to have? On what values ​​do you base your work system? What are the most important values ​​for you in the context of working and cooperation with other people / bosses / employees?

These and other questions are asked by our consultants.