Today’s meeting with the Candidate is a return to the past. We worked together for a moment – I was in another department, she was in a different department, completely different tasks, other goals, teams, bosses, professional reality – sporadic contact. I don’t remember whether we then talked about what is important to us at work and in life. I don’t think so, because such conversations are always kept in mind. Today she came to me as a Candidate about I know a lot – I don’t have to check her references – I know how she works, I know about her independence, duty, diligence and commitment to work. I know what she can and do, and what else is in front of her, I can put together a profile from this information. I also know what she is running away from in current job – talking about motivational systems, employee efficiency, the policy of attracting Candidates through great ads, fairs, image, etc. is for nothing. For nothing is the work of staff in HR to make people work more and more. In this company there is a lack of fundamental principles of managing and working with people: We talk about simple things, what is missing and what can be done at the cheapest cost: – the manager’s respect for her work and team work, – work atmosphere, – appreciating when it’s needed, – common problems solving if they happen and feeling that the supervisor doesn’t want to catch you in the absence of your perfection, and he wants to show you what else you can do better – criticism that serves something

And what is?

– feeling that I rule here – so you do it – I have power, so my people are not good enough to work for themselves – if you do not like it, youth is waiting behind the door – You will not find a better job anywhere – Working overtime is an obligation that I will not pay anyone for – You do not get ill, you’re working till you drop – Family – the weekend is for the family and it should be enough – I have a mirror in which I look and it tells me – you are the wisest – I’m introducing these changes myself, you are unnecessary for me – I can do it, I was taught how to manage.

I’ve listened and I need to write an HR proclamation to the Manager. Dear Manager, you have absolute power (or at least the feeling that you have it) measured by the number of people who have recently started looking for a job and are only responsible for themselves and their families. Yet, I still emphasize – yet, you have who to do your vision of work (I can’t call it cooperation), you will soon miss the moment when people will go underground and they will hinder your work – this is called passive-aggressive behavior – type: Kamikaze. Do you know what it leads to? Once there conucted research on such behaviors in the work environment, the most interesting conclusion is that manager’s assistants who were treated in this way  as part of revenge and better well-being washed managers mugs in toilets. So .. Who made you coffee today and washed your mug and what guarantee do you have that you act differently than this Manager, the hero of today’s recruitment?