The milk spilled, i.e. today our Candidate refused to accept the job offer that our client gave her for several reasons. First, how obvious?

MONEY, as a merchant in the B2B industry – she wants to earn more. She also talked about aggressive sales policy (so-called sales harpy stance), high goals that 80% of the crew doesn’t do and unlimited work hours. This is not an offer of life It will be decided rather by a man who is not yet at the stage of cutting off coupons from his work, without a family, but also with high resistance to changing business conditions (the uncertainty and seasonality of the industry are bothering) And despite the fact that the client knew the candidate’s expectations, he invited her to the meeting. He was delighted with her skills and experience. Everything played. In the final phase of the conversation, he switched to negotiating terms of employment and offered her a 40% job less than the budget set. As a recruiter, I am not surprised that she didn’t accept the offer. Honestly, I would say it would surprise me more if she would accept the offer. The customer called me today with a grudge that he is very disgusted by the behavior of the Candidate, that she has not accepted the offer and he has already prepared the contract. He told that he doesn’t want to work with people who only care about money. In his conclusion, people should want to work with him no matter what. I was confused.   We are looking for a B2B trader, a man who is doing a business, person that is just starting to work in a new place, so waiting for the identification with the company is little too much. Have you ever seen a trader who does not ask how much money he will be doing when changing jobs? Does he not calculate whether this change pays him financially? He don’t want to earn more? I honestly admit that if I meet traders who, in the first, second or third place in their motivation, don’t talk about the money, I wonder if they will sell anything apart from themselves and their well-being as a merchant?

And in this way I came up with an idea how to connect a boutique recruitment office and my business as a business coach.

I have a material that requires processing, I can get mad at the client, but instead try to convince him to something … I will start with the values ​​on which he works with people, then I will add motivators (eg 3.0) and Gallup motivators. Why it’s all of this? That the client will understand what is also important from the perspective of people, who can potentially be his employees, what are the differences in motivation and how he works with people. I believe that next time he wants a Mercedes, he will be able to afford it, and if not, he will choose a comfortable one that will not ruin him. Even Panda. PS: Meeting with the client completed, the conclusions have been drawn. The project was successful.